Universal Chassis

The basis of this concept is simple: We want to have a basic chassis that can be used in many different cars, without major changes. Will in practice be a return to the past where there were the chassis manufacturers and “coachbuilders”. Each performed its work and the results were true works of art. But the real objective for this “universal chassis” concept, is to follow the lines of the first VW cars, where the same basic chassis was used for a myriad of different models, including the well known Beetle.

Our “universal chassis” is not as basic as the Beetle was, but will serve as a platform for our sport models with a rear mid-mounted engine, as well as for those who want to acquire them and use in their own projects, be they amateur or professional constructors.

Regarding to LusoMotors, this option will allow us to have an always available basis, allowing us not to disperse resources and direct forces to design new and different projects.

With regard to potential buyers, the benefits are enormous. You can easily develop and create new models using our chassis base, by not dispersing resources in the development and construction of existing components. In practice, you can buy a complete and rolling chassis from us, like you would buy some dampers or wheels.

The idea is that. When developing a car, there is no need to manufacture the dampers or the steering wheel, or wheels… These components already exist and are clearly better constructed and studied than any average guy could do. In addition, they are certainly much cheaper … The same goes for our chassis. It can be treated as a single and unique component in the development and construction of your next car.

At the detail level, you can expect a tubular frame with a central zone and a modular rear sub-frame, which allows the use for various types of motor and gear boxes. It has independent suspension, with double wishbones all round and telescopic shock absorbers. All brake fittings and brake lines are fitted, pedal box, steering column, etc..

In dimensional terms it is similar to the Lotus Elise/Exige chassis, with a wheelbase that can vary between 2250mm and 2400mm.

It will be equipped with disc brakes on four wheels, Wilwood 4 pot calipers and fabricated uprights. It can be supplied with or without the engine.

The first frame will be ready soon and will serve as the basis for the all new and redesigned LusoMotors LM23. Will serve as a basis for testing and proof of concept.

We expect inquiries from all parties, professionals included. If you are a kit car company, we can build and sell you small runs of these chassis within proper prices.

Prices and final specifications to be released soon.

Those interested in more information please contact us.

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