LM Sev-N

Right from the start, the LusoMotors LM Sev-N was designed not to be another “sevenesque” model.

Always looking to fulfil costumer requests and needs, our LM Sev-N model allows a more user friendly approach, not only on the track, but especially on the road, regardless weather conditions, even during those colder and rainy winter days.
A hardtop has been developed and will be available very soon.

This improvement in design, will make you get more from your car, making possible to run in better comfort conditions, or even the use of the car to go to work… During all year. Also, your car will be safer allowing you to park it anywhere you need at any time.

You will not find this solution in any of these kind of cars.

As other LusoMotors’ models, the LM Sev-N was designed from a clean sheet of paper. Bodywork and chassis design benefit from our expertise and know how.

This car stands out from the crowd, not only for its design, but when driving it, you will find a a spacious and comfortable cockpit allowing it to be driven by tall drivers.

To add to the car’s good practicality, the LM Sev-N has a large boot, with an 80-litre luggage capacity. It is useful to fit two helmets or even to go shopping.

Anyway, as we are not forgetting that this car is intended to be a real light weight and nimble sports car, we created the LM Sev-N TRD Spec. Fitted with bike engines is the ultimate track day toy. Intended solely as a track day car, it is fitted with a full roll cage, Tran-x LSD, Wilwood four-pot brakes and several other goodies.

Prices start at 3861 euros for the standard kit and turnkey versions start at 13930 euros. TRD Spec starts at 16088 euros. Prices without VAT.


LM Sev-N 125: Specs Price

LM Sev-N 140: Specs Price

LM Sev-N 160: Specs Price

LM Sev-N BEC: Specs Price

LM Sev-N TRD: Specs Price

Dimensions: Road Windshield Option TRD Spec

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A special price for a starter kit is currently under way. We are making all efforts to get you the very best price including all you need to get started up to a rolling chassis stage. Contact us for news on this.


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