LM Mini

The LusoMotors LM Mini, is a fully space framed GRP bodied race car.

It is supplied as a kit or as a complete rolling car.

Most track day cars start out as road cars, but not the LM Mini. We do not have plans to sell it as a road car. It has been designed from the ground up as a non-compromise race car.

This car allows the use a number of motorcycle engines, from 1000cc units to Hayabusa or ZX14 units, and, given that the car weight is around 400 Kg, performance potential is enormous.

Throughout the design stage and build, we paid a lot of attention to the car’s aerodynamics. While the outer shape has obviously an important role, less obvious is the entirely flat floor, and a more visible diffuser at the rear.

Kits available in any stage you need, but always including all parts necessary to complete the car except the engine/gearbox. Kit prices start at 15700 euros and complete cars start at 23000 euros, engine included. Prices without VAT.


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