Car Trailers

We do not want to become a trailer company, nor going around too much projects at the same time but, as many of our customers buy track day cars and need trailers to take them to the tracks and, as we have capacity to design and develop our own products, we consider the idea to build our own car trailers and complete our service and product range, supplying our clients with them.

Currently we offer three main versions of these car trailers: A single axle model, a fixed two axle model and a two axle tilting version.

They are built by order and can be sold in kit form or complete. They are all bolted on and there are no welding points in any of the assembly steps. These car trailers are built with the single propose to transport a private car in style.

We provide them with a powder coated finishing in any colour you want, with an anti-rust treatment in every single part of the product.

Prices start at 2300 euros for a kit and 3200 euros for an assembled version. Top end versions cost up to 4000 euros. Prices without VAT.

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