LM Speedster

The LusoMotors LM Speedster will be, of course, a replica of a well known and famous sports car from the 1950s. Its distinctive lines are timeless and will impress even non-car enthusiasts.

We plan to sell this car in two main versions: a petrol powered and an electric powered model. Both will benefit from our care, enthusiasm and build quality. Though we have our own ideas, we are always happy to build our cars to client specifications, so these will not be different from the others. Complete and rolling cars will be available, but if you are looking to have much more then an opinion about the colour or trim of your car, getting more involved, and want to build it yourself, we will supply the LM Speedster in kit form, in any stage you need, allowing you to follow your own route, choosing your own parts and services.

Customer support is available to help, from initial advice to after sales back up.

Based on original VW Beetle donor cars, parts are easy to find and not a hard task to rebuild or even buy new ones. Costs control is always an important issue for us.

Basic kits pricing will start at 3990 euros, which includes full bodywork, tubular support frame and a few other basic items. Price without VAT.

All parts will be available to allow you to complete your car.

We do not have a precise date to release this model at this time, but we plan to do it as soon as possible. Public interest will dictate this, of course.


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