When we started to develop the LusoMotors LM GT project, we intend to make it a lot different from what was available in the current kit car market. Due to several contingencies, among them the actual economic crises, the project was on halt for a few months, but even so and, after all this time, the car design keeps all its glory and modern looks.

Also, we had time to think a bit more about what it could be done and we have a few novelties on this issue.

We already pick up from where we were, and we are almost done with the development stage. One major decision was to make it a bit more practical for the road use, rather then the track.

The original concept was to use a simple GRP body on a LM Sev-N chassis, but at the moment, still keeping that in mind, we will release a clever solution.

The actual concept takes the main shell of a Smart Roadster as its basis, but it’s not a straightforward body conversion. The Smart front and rear end are discarded and replaced with our own seamless tubular steel sub-frames. The engine is now placed at front in a longitudinal way, connected to an in-line gearbox and RWD. For our current demonstrator, we are using a 240 BHP/6 speed Honda S2000 drive train.

Using this donor will allow us to have two main versions: A Shootingbrake and a convertible. Also will allow us to retain several details, such as the full-size folding roof mechanism, as an example.

Interior will be custom made to customer specifications. It will be a bespoke package, that uses leather, aluminium and carbon fibre in its construction. These high quality materials are befitting of the car’s sophisticated exterior appearance.

We estimate that a self build car can be completed from 16700 euros, while the price for turnkey examples starts from 26900 euros. Prices without VAT.

But we do not end up here. A special track day version will be available. Maintaining the original idea for this concept, we will release a version using our own LM Sev-N chassis. This will be a “barchetta” version, on top of the LM Sev-N chassis, making it a cool and refreshing solution on a more common chassis design.

Also, we are considering to sell body kits to anyone who is tired from his “sevenesque” model. It will be possible to retrofit our bodywork on other “sevenesque” chassis from other brands then only on our own.

We will have news on this very soon.


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