LM Bud-Jet

The LusoMotors LM BUD-JET sports car is designed for the amateur home constructor who is looking for a premium project within a budget. Construction is easy with such a simple format and will fit the capabilities of most amateur home constructors.

One outstanding sports car kit, based around Ford Fiesta Mk4 mechanicals. You can use any major parts from it; from engine and gearbox, to a lot of small items such as seat belts, pedal box, steering column, brakes, etc…

This project works so well for many reasons and the installation of the super light 1250, 1400 or 1600 Ford Zetec SE engines is certainly a major factor. This Yamaha designed engine is not only ultra light it is also very powerful and economical.

Since almost all actual small production cars are front engine/front wheel drive, using this power train at the rear of one car makes perfect sense. Better balance, RWD and there are plenty of them, allowing better costs control. These are major issues to have in mind.

Both front and rear suspensions are fully independent, with inboard dampers at front for aerodynamic and dynamic considerations. Also, disc brakes are used at front and rear wheels.

Bodywork, as all LusoMotors products, has a fantastic design, with the perfect blend of function and style. With its light weight and well engineered tubular chassis, high performance and handling are achieved, both on the road or track.

Following the name of the car, prices will be as low as they can be, making it a modern and affordable kit car. Basic kits pricing start at 2850 euros. We expect to allow budget builds from 7900 euros. Prices without VAT.

We do not have a precise date to release this model at this time, but we plan to do it as soon as possible. Public interest will dictate this, of course.

One other interesting issue is that we are currently negotiating an agreement with a well known and established publisher, to publish a few articles or even a book explaining all steps to build this car titled: “Build your own “Bud-Jet” Sports Car”. Following the footsteps of prior books, it will make possible for anyone build his own car, but this one will be adapted to the current times and parts available, all within a budget!


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