Design & Engineering

Different things, but we never separate design and engineering in our mind. This is the core business of our company.

During the last eight years, we have designed and developed a lot of projects, not only for our own use, but also for very different clients.

Several have done the long way to see the day light, others don’t…

Along with the prototyping services we have, we can make a project come true from the humble clean sheet of paper. We can design, study and develop any kind of product and project, until we reach to the prototype stage. Then, if you want to, we can take over from that to complete the full circle…

Also, we have projects that we are willing to sell for a small fee. We like to see ideas and concepts become true and real things. As we are always designing and developing ideas, we currently have a few projects and designs that are available to anyone interested. Just contact us for further details.

Anyway, we are also very proud to point out a few projects that we developed and have authorisation to show:

Cobra ¾ scale model

One off model

LM Buggy

Design, concept and 3D model for sale

LM Crawler

Complete project for sale.

CEC Trailer

Concept for a Portuguese customer

Aluminium telescopic tower

Concept for a Portuguese customer

Driving simulator

Project for sale

Asa Concept car

Super car design for an UK customer

Hansen GTR Concept car

New Dutch Super Car – LusoMotors is responsable for the design concept.

Kart Cross

Concept can be further developed and sold

Vinci Sport

Born as a Ferrari Dino concept…

Avions Voisin Concept

Design, concept and 3D model for sale

LM Victoria F7 Concept

Design, concept and 3D model – NOW SOLD

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